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PlanG is the central place for all your giving matters. Now there’s a way
to know you made a difference - something you can point to and say, "I did this."

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How you give reflects who you are.

PlanG makes charitable giving easy by providing one, intuitive platform to connect you with the non-profits you're passionate about. With over 1 million nonprofits ranging from charities to religious organizations and schools, PlanG makes it easier than ever to quickly turn your passions into action.

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It’s easier than you think to
make an impact.

No matter how much you give, we'll show you it made a difference. We keep track of your influence across all your giving activities, and show you how even the simplest things like shopping let you do more. Seeing just how much of an impact you’ve had over time will amaze you. Get credit for what you do, and let others to be inspired by what you've done.

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Take ownership of your good deeds.

Here you have complete control over when, where and how you contribute to the causes you care about. You'll find that having one single place to record your giving efforts and realize your impact on millions of lives is a powerful and rewarding idea – one worth sharing.

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Safe & Secure Giving.

We take care of the details. Not only do we check and double-check our partnerships so you know you're dealing with good organizations, but our secure platform makes it easy and safe to give. You can give with confidence, knowing your personal information is kept private.

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