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Overview The Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community, founded in 1998, is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit entity (EIN 61-1475980). The Partnership is governed by an independent board composed of Suffolk citizens and other individuals who may represent an organization or corporation that shares the mission and vision of The Partnership. The structure for organizing and mobilizing community resources is why The Partnership came into being. The Partnership focuses on strengthening the local community health system, which includes public, private and voluntary entities, individuals and informal associations that contribute to the delivery of community/public health services and to improving the community's health and overall well-being. The Partnership provides the means to identify assets, needs, and solutions for a healthy community. Mission: To coordinate the resources of our community in a collaborative effort to improve the mental, physical, socioeconomic, and spiritual health of all its citizens. Vision: A healthy community where all people will be inspired and enabled to make healthy lifestyle choices, to use preventive health care and to access resources to live in a safe and wholesome environment. Values: The Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community, as a mission-driven organization, values: Collaboration Communication Innovation Self-Accountability Each individual's assets (time, talent, treasures) These values will be delivered with trust, respect, honesty, inclusiveness, compassion and integrity.