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The Healing Place - 10k Training Team

Nonprofit: Healing Place

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The Healing Place is a 501c3 providing shelter and a long term residential recovery program for homeless men struggling with addiction.  The program provides a non-traditional approach to recovery, making long term residential care possible for those who lack the resources.  It costs less than $20 per day, per man to run the program and is free to clients.  Nearly three-quarters of THP graduates are still clean, sober, and off the streets 1 year after program completion.  We have launched our 2nd annual Monument 10k race training team with 25 THP clients.  A generous donation has taken care of race fees have been gener but the men need shoes, socks, and athletic wear, so we need donations.  Any funds raised in excess of the amount needed will go directly to benefit THP operations.  For more info, please visit or our Facebook site. Thank you!