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Cause Marketing. Amplified & Simplified

PlanG is the intersection of customer loyalty and philanthropy. We help brands flip the script on cause marketing.

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Your Customers Care


of consumers are willing to switch to another brand if it is associated with a good cause.


of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support causes.

Brands Want Engagement


Our promotions outperform the industry average with eight times the standard click through rate.


Our promotions require no data sharing, no technical integration, no in-store training, and no extra marketing messaging.

Choice Makes an Impact


of donors will select the nonprofits you recommend.


of donors who select their own cause, choose a local nonprofit - charity of choice matters to your customers.

The PlanG Solution

PlanG was created to help brands develop loyalty through emotional connections with their customers.

PlanG Delivers


Launch easily, with limited IT resources in a matter of days.

Good Conversations

Spread the word about all the good you and your customers do!

Shared Values

With every nonprofit in the US, it’s easy for customers to find their cause.


We know cause marketing. You know your brand. Let’s talk.

A Product Suite For Good

Our product suite is designed to meet marketing needs. Whether you’re looking to get new customers, create brand engagement, build loyal relationships or make an impact – PlanG has you covered!

Give & Get

Promote the simple act of giving. Offer customers an exclusive promo code for a discount when they donate to the nonprofit of their choice.

Spend & Give

Easily offer a percentage or a dollar amount back to the nonprofit of your customer’s choice when they make a purchase.

Points/Rewards Expiration

When rewards expire, win back customers’ love with a donation to the noprofit of their choice.

Did we mention it's free?

Our platform, support and standard products are free. Your only cost is the tax-deductible incentive. Get Started

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A Demo that Gives Back

Schedule a demo and we’ll make a donation to the cause you care about most!